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Congratulations to all students fought the Europeans 2016 at Lisbon. You are a warrior, that tounament was the BIGGEST IBJJF championship ever, with 3,517 athletes registered and you make part of this historical event.

This is the list of the RGA Team medalists:

First – Antonio Henriques Junior (Absolute)

First – Carlos Costa Santos

First – Rogerio de Lima

First – Javier Povedano Tejero

First – Zydrunas Drazdas

First – David Knight

Second – Yasmine Clarisa Wilson

Second – Saadettin Sadi Acikalin (absolute)

Second – Saadettin Sadi Acikalin

Second – Ida Fløisvik

Second – Munkhbayar Altantugs

Second – Nina Navid

Second – Luna Barea

Second – Donatas Uktveris

Second – Jahmel Henry

Second – Jack Burrell

Second – Faris Ben-lamkadem

Second – Gabriel Groenas

Second – Silviu Nastasa Georgian

Second – Marta Mayoral Sánchez

Second – Poku Andrew Forson

Second – Theocharis Petrides

Second – Doru Onea

Second – Rimvydas Grinevicius

Third – Antonio Henriques Junior

Third – Donatas Uktveris (Absolute)

Third – Carlos Costa Santos (Absolute)

Third – Emilia Tuukkanen

Third – Johann Varne Thorsen

Third – Kevin Patrick Omari

Third – Gabriel Groenas

Third – Hayley Carter

Third – Sebastiano Giaimo

Third – Thomas Lehmann

Third – Julija Stoliarenko

Third – Jahmel Henry

Third – Giuseppe Origlio

Third – Farid Bendriss

Third – Nick Howard Raphael

Third – Andrew Law

Third – Darius Rudzevicius

Third – Paul Cass

Third – Cornell VLijter

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